Understanding ISIS’ obsession with Dabiq

Gabriel Said Reynolds has joined the debate on the religious character of ISIS (see this earlier piece on ArcU) in publishing a brilliant piece on “ISIS’ apocalyptic obsession” with the town of Dabiq in Syria. While the town could be considered by many as insignificant “with almost no strategic value”, ISIS

believes that that village of a few thousand people in northwestern Syria, not far from the border with Turkey, is where the great apocalyptic battle with Christian forces will take place.

This explains the centrality of Dabiq for ISIS (and why they named their online magazine after this town). In order for the apocalyptic vision to be fulfilled, the armies of the non-believers (the West) must fight with the army of Muslims (ISIS) in Dabiq:

ISIS will wage war, and wage it constantly, in the hope of luring the United States into a massive invasion, in the hope of provoking a final battle that will usher in the end of the world.

Definitely worth reading!

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