New Thinking on International Religious Freedom

America magazine has just published an issue on international religious freedom — five feature pieces, all worth reading.  Two are by ArcU contributors, Mary Ann Cusimano Love and myself.  Mary Ann writes brilliantly on the responses of Catholic to persecution — echoing the theme of the Under Caesar’s Sword conference in Rome this past December, which she attended — and brings to bear her first-hand research on the plight of Iraqi Christians.  She shows how responses to persecution can be motivated by mercy and mesh with peacebuilding.

My own piece expands on an op-ed I published back in November arguing that the Catholic Church’s long historical road to religious freedom, culminating in the Declaration on Religious Liberty at Vatican II, can be a usable model for Islam to expand its religious liberty.

See the other pieces, too, by Fr. Drew Christiansen, S.J., Elias Mallon, and a jointly authored piece by Fr. Thomas J. Reese and Mary Ann Glendon.


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